Last week, our students took part in a Cost of Living Workshop! Throughout the week, we attended the NCW Virtual Careers Fair where Year 12 and 13 learnt all about work experience options and opportunities for life after school.

The National Careers Week is a one-week careers guidance where students can learn about the world of employment through bespoke resources and free use in classroom material. Year 13 researched the NHS, Natwest, and Marmite careers as part of this project and learnt a lot about the responsibilities of having a full time job.

Our Year 12 and 13 classes teamed up to take part in a real life cost of living activity. This involved them choosing a job, working out their salary and taking home pay, and then finding out what lifestyles they could afford with the job they had chosen. Students enjoyed finding out how much their dream careers would pay them and a few were shocked at how expensive their ideal lifestyle would be to maintain!

To end the week, Year 12’s looked at the possibility of going on work experience placements. Students researched what kind of placement they might be interested in and learnt all about how to apply for them.