Welcome to Devizes Sixth Form

Do you want to be more? One simple question. Not a trick question. If the answer is yes, then read on.

You are presumably reading this because you’re facing some big decisions. Big is an understatement, in fact; this is the time that you begin independently deciding who you want to be and how you want to make that happen. No mean feat, granted, but a gloriously exciting position to be in.

As Head of Sixth Form, it is my job to introduce our fantastic community and sell our many achievements and facilities. I could list them, but you’ll find all you need to know in the prospectus. Instead, I want to tell you why those people that want to be more find themselves doing so here with us.

At Devizes Sixth, we start with the why. The ultimate question of why we’re here and what we as a collective are fighting for. We want to build better, braver, wiser, stronger (in all senses) human beings; even better, human beings who want to make themselves better, braver, wiser, stronger long after we are a dim and distant memory. And we do that, day in and day out. As we are a sixth form consistently in the top four in Wiltshire for progress made throughout key stage 5, the stats prove that we build better human beings. I am immensely proud of my team of expert teachers and pastoral leaders for making that happen, but I believe firmly in the fact that it is the relationships built here between staff and students that ultimately make us successful.

We operate on the fundamental principle that each one of our students is an individual worthy of unique investment, and that builds trust, which creates an environment wherein learning and growth is possible, on both an academic and personal level. Education is and should be personal, and we work hard to craft individual opportunities that ensure each and every one of our sixth formers leaves us as a bigger, better person. And our sixth formers deserve that — they matter.

I started with an ultimate question: do you want to be more?

If you do then we offer you that chance. You’ll learn to expect more, you’ll get more, and you’ll be more. It really is that simple.

Mr B Chamberlain - Assistant Principal and Head of 6th Form

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