Inclusion @ Devizes School


Our Inclusion aim is to ensure that every learner gets an opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of any barriers.

The faculty is responsible for delivering support which is different from, and additional to, the normal high quality teaching in a classroom. This takes many forms including placing Teaching Assistants into classrooms to help with understanding, offering break and lunchtime activities, support with home learning and a quiet place for some students who want a break from the bustle school or delivering bespoke literacy support to small classes or individuals.

A small number of students have the opportunity to experience life in the workplace, this regularly leads to fantastic outcomes that include employment, college placements and apprenticeships.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Key Stage 3

The Inclusion Team visits every primary school sending students with a SEND need to Devizes School before the students arrive in September. This information exchange ensures a smooth transition, and the right kind of support is offered. Students are assessed on entering the school and, if appropriate, are placed on specialist programmes. These programmes include reading, spelling, comprehension, emotional and social skills. We also offer some students support with their handwriting and organisation. Teaching Assistants support students in lessons as well as offering withdrawal support.

Students who are identified as requiring a more personalised curriculum or who have been extracted for intense interventions will undertake either our Corrective Reading or Lexia classes in a small group lesson. These are designed to be high impact and encourage our students to tackle their curriculum learning with more confidence and enjoyment.

We also run small group learning to support wellbeing, anger management and general emotional literacy. We have our own Forest School trained practitioner who runs our 'Regrow' intervention enabling students to thrive in the outdoors, work as a group and promote confidence.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, we support students through our ST3 class. This provides time for students to engage in extra literacy and numeracy support. This is a small group session for students to acquire and refine their skills to assist them with their learning across the curriculum. Students are supported with their home learning to enable them to participate fully in their wider learning.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, we support students through a combination of in-class support and mentoring . Access Arrangements will be carefully considered to support the needs of the individual students and to support their normal way of working. We are happy to support with transition to University and Higher Education courses.