Keeping the school informed

The school MUST be informed immediately of any student with health problems. Immunisations are carried out in school, arranged by Wiltshire PCT. Minor first aid problems are looked after by a First Aider, but in the case of a serious illness or an accident, a parent will be contacted at once. Please do not send children to school if they are not fit to attend lessons.

If your child has an accident which results in them being in plaster, needing to use crutches or in a wheelchair, you should contact the Raising Achievement Leader before the child returns. The RAL will work with the First Aid Room and advise you if it is appropriate for your child to return to school and will arrange the appropriate procedures for your child to be able to move around the school in a safe manner on his/her return.

Medical visits and dental appointments should usually be made out of school hours. If an appointment during school hours is unavoidable, then the student should attend school before/after such visits. If the student does not return, an absence note is needed. A student who has to leave school for such a visit must show an appointment card or a parental note to the Tutor for signing. The child must report to Reception (to sign out) with the signed note or card before leaving school, and on returning report back to Reception (to sign back in).

Medication during the day

If a student needs to take medication during the school day, the medicine//tablets must be taken to the First Aid Room with a letter from you, explaining what it is, the dosage and the frequency. The First Aider will keep the medicine/tablets and will supervise its administration. Students requiring an inhaler should carry one with them and can also leave a named spare inhaler with the First Aider. The school does NOT dispense Paracetamol without written or verbal parental consent. Plasters or tissues are not given out, except as a result of an incident occuring during the school day. In no circumstances will staff administer prescribed medication on their own initiative without the written or verbal consent of ...

Students who become unwell during the day


The First Aid Room is located adjacent to the main Reception in A Block. Fully trained First Aiders are available during school hours and after school activities.


If a student is genuinely ill during lesson time:

  • Student to register with subject teacher.
  • Subject teacher will assess degree of illness or injury (the judgement is whether the student is too ill/injured to continue to participate in normal school activities). If the student is unable to walk to the First Aid Room, the teacher will send a message to Reception, giving brief details of problem (so the First Aider can arrive prepared).
  • The First Aider will then assess the situation and take approriate action.
  • During break/lunchtimes if students feel unwell or are injured they should seek the assistance of a member of staff or report to the First Aid Room themselves where a First Aider will be available to ensure that the student is dealt with appropriately in line with the procedure above.

Parents, please note:

  • Please make sure that your contact numbers are kept up to date in case of an emergency.
  • If a student needs to be taken to hospital for any reason, parents will be asked to attend school to accompany the student. The school will not allow any of its staff to travel with students to hospital.