Mr P A RossHead of Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Languages curriculum is designed to give all students the best opportunity to develop into strong, capable linguists who are able to apply language rules and concepts effectively.

We aim to foster a love for Language learning and a passion for the wider cultural aspects associated directly with life in Target-Language speaking countries. We want our students to want to use the language that they have learned, and we model this through our passion for our subject. We aim to ensure that students have a strong awareness of key grammatical concepts, reinforcing the expectations of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar associated with other subjects, and that these concepts are able to be applied with increasing success as they progress through the curriculum.

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Key Stage 3

Across Key Stage 3 students are expected to use an increasing variety of vocabulary with lots of reinforcement of grammatical structures in a large variety of different activities

Year 7 – All students will study either French OR Spanish - Basics of language and how to use a dictionary, followed by a variety of topics including personal introductions, family, descriptions, and school life

Year 8 – Students will continue to study either French OR Spanish

Topics covered include daily routine, jobs, and holidays

Year 9 – Students in year 9 start the GCSE course (although this remains an option in year 10 and is not compulsory). We revisit the skills learned across y7 and 8 with a focus on what is required at GCSE. Topics covered include technology, food and drink and leisure activities.

Key Stage 4

Languages at GCSE are optional. We follow the AQA GCSE syllabus. The course is divided into 3 themes - Identity and Culture, Local, National, International and Global areas of interest, and Current and Future study and employment. The assessments are split into Foundation (grades 1-5) and Higher (4-9) tiers. All four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) are assessed in end of course exams and all carry a weighting of 25% of the overall mark.

Sixth Form

We follow the AQA syllabus for A Levels, offered in both French and Spanish. The course covers most of the topics from GCSE but in much greater depth with a high emphasis placed on conversation and unprepared dialogue.

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