Exam Board AQA

Course Code – 7572

Lead Teacher – Mrs R Squire

The media industry is arguably inescapable and reaches everyone across one platform or another. This course provides an insight in to the world of media, and students find it extremely relevant to their daily lives. Understanding the creative process and decision making behind the products and images we absorb daily, paints the world in an entirely different light.

Specific requirements

Grade 6 in English Language or English Literature

What will I study?


2 exams worth 35% each, duration 2 hours for each:

  • Component 1 - Media Language, Media Representations, Media Industries and Media Audiences
  • Component 2 - An in-depth study of television, music industry, magazines, and online, social and participatory media/video games

One coursework element worth 30% of the qualification: Creating a cross-media production

  • Students are given an annually-changing brief set by AQA and produce a cross-media production for an intended audience

This fascinating course enables students to study all aspects of the wide-ranging media industry, from film and marketing to journalism and gaming. The production component is highly successful and allows students to have free choice regarding the type of media they produce, meaning they focus their efforts on an element that interests them. The course complements most subjects, especially English Language and English Literature due to the analysis skills that students will be developing. Creative students taking subjects like Photography and Performing Arts have also gained transferable skills in the coursework production element.

Where does it lead?

For students who wish to study Media further, there are a number of excellent apprenticeships and degree courses in subjects ranging from Audio and Visual Media, Cinematography, Communication Design, Marketing, and Gaming Production. It can also be combined with other subjects for Film, Journalism, Performing Arts or English-related subjects.