Mr P Ross - Lead Teacher

Exam Board Edexcel
Course Code – 9FRO

Exam Board Edexcel
Course Code – 9SPO

We would expect a minimum of a grade 6 at GCSE, due to the high demands of the A Level course. A strong aware ness of key elements of GCSE grammar (eg. verb tenses) is really important. You will need to use your language skills to communicate messages in writing and in speaking, as well as demonstrating a high level of comprehension. You will need to be able to evaluate and critique a film and a novel as well!

Specific requirements

French - Grade 6 in GCSE French

Spanish – Grade 6 in GCSE Spanish

What will I study?

We follow the Edexcel A Level course, which is split into 3 papers;

Paper 1 - Listening, Reading and translation (2hrs, 40%)
Paper 2 - Written response to works and translation (2hrs 40, 30%)
Paper 3 - Speaking (23 minutes, 30%)

The course builds on learning at GCSE, and takes you to a whole other level! You will study various themes (For both French and Spanish you will study Changes in the target language society, cultural aspects, and immigration and multicultural society. In addition, in French you will study the Occupation and the Resistance, and in Spanish you will study the Civil War and Franco. The topics are really engaging, and you will need to have an interest in the wider world of France or Spain. If you are studying geography, history, sociology - lots of the skills that you learn in Languages will be applicable in other subjects.

In the speaking exam, you will deliver the results of your IRP (Independent Research Project) - this is one of the highlights of the course, as it allows you to study an element of French or Spanish culture that you find interesting... the life of a famous artist, a sports team, a significant landmark/moment in history... it is completely up to you!

You also get to study a film and a literary work - so if you happen to be doing film studies or literature, these skills are doubly useful.

Where does it lead?

The possibilities with Language learning are virtually endless. Many university courses can have a language element attached to them and this will give you the fantastic opportunity to spend a year abroad. Speaking another language to a higher level is becoming increasingly important to employers, and can be a doorway to a range of jobs, from aid work to International trade!

Wider Reading

Anything and everything in the target language! Reading newspapers in French or Spanish is great (even if you don't understand every word, you will pick up language intuitively). Have a favourite French/Spanish singer/sports personality? Follow them on social media and read their target language posts!