Cambridge Technical Level 3

Exam Board OCR

Course structure Exam board OCR 

Cambridge Technical Level 3 Course codes: 

Extended Certificate = 1 A Level (05831) 

Diploma = 2 A Levels (05833) 

Lead Teacher – Mrs N Strickland

Specific requirements

At least a 4 in English Language and 5 in science. If you have studied Cambridge National in Health & Social Care, you need to have achieved a L2P or above.

What will I study?

Year 12: The compulsory units will be Building Positive Relationships, Equality and Diversity, Health & Safety. 
In addition, 3 more units (Diploma Award) will be Infection Control, Creativity with Children and Safeguarding. 

Year 13: The compulsory examined unit will be Anatomy and Physiology (Extended Certificate Award) along with Personalisation and Person-Centered Approach to Care and Promoting Positive Behaviour (Diploma Award). 

Two more (Extended Certificate Award) and three more units (Diploma Award) will include Nutrition for Health, Promoting Health and Wellbeing and Supporting People with Mental Health Conditions. 

Assessment methods This is designed to give credit for what you can do as well as what you know. It is based on portfolio evidence and 3 (Extended Certificate Award), or 5 (Diploma Award) written exams. Students must pass each exam in order to achieve the Award. Work will be set on a regular basis and deadlines for completion will be clearly stated. Both Extended Certificate and Diploma Awards will be awarded to a candidate who meets that requirement. Both attract the same UCAS tariff as A levels. 

Why study Health and Social Care? You will actively experience the Health and Social Care environments. This will be achieved through a variety of approaches including work placements, visiting practitioners, case studies and research. You will extract information from many sources, learning new skills and developing existing ones. Self-improvement, self-reliance and individual progress are central to this course. Where might Health and Social Care take me? Achieving this qualification will fully prepare you to enter a variety of employment opportunities or degree courses in Health and Social Care related subjects including Radiotherapy, Nursing (children’s, adult and mental health), Teaching, Health Studies and Occupational Therapy.

Where does it lead?

Jobs in health, social and child care, including teaching, nursing, physiotherapy, psychologists, midwife, carer, nursery worker, paramedic.

Wider Reading

Nursing times/Royal college of nursing publications/Teachers Educational supplement