A Level

Exam Board Edexcel

Course Code – Level 3 Advanced GCE in Mathematics (9FMO)

Lead Teacher – Mr Lamb

For someone who enjoys mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and / or more sophisticated concepts. It enables students to distinguish themselves as able mathematicians in the university and employment market. Some prestigious universities will only accept students with Further Mathematics qualifications.

Flexibility to study in greater detail; Students can choose to study one area of mathematics in greater depth; they can choose totally pure, statistical or mechanical routes, or follow a course in Decision Maths, which looks at topics such as game theory and critical path analysis, or ANY combination of the above!

Those students who had studied further mathematics reported coping better with the mathematical content of the degree, and as such perceived that they required less additional support throughout their studies.

Specific requirements

Grade 7 or above at GCSE

What will I study?

Four equally weighted calculator papers covering Pure and Applied topics. Of which 50% is fixed and 50% optional content.

A single text book covers each paper.

Paper 1: Further Pure Mathematics 1 (fixed content) Written examination: 1.5 hours. (75 marks answer all questions)

Paper 2: Further Pure Mathematics 2 (fixed content) Written examination: 1.5 hours (75 marks answer all questions)

Paper 3 and 4: (Option papers)

Any two from: Further Pure (3&4), Further Statistics (1&2) Further Mechanics (1&2) Decision Maths (1&2) each paper 1.5 hours and 75 marks.

Where does it lead?

Any Student planning to take a Mathematics-rich degree (this covers a very wide range of academic areas- Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/ Economics, as well as Mathematics itself), will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics.