Our school uniform encourages a sense of pride, belonging, and loyalty to the community of which all students are members. Students are expected to adhere to our uniform expectations at all times, including on their journey to and from school.

If in any doubt about the details of this policy, parents should contact the school. It is better to check with a member of staff than to rely on assurances from students. If a genuine reason can be provided why a uniform standard cannot be met, then students will be managed on an individual basis. Any medical issues must be accompanied by documented evidence.

Students should arrive to school each day wearing:

  • A Devizes School branded blazer
  • A white shirt or blouse, tucked in and with a Devizes School branded tie worn to the top of the collar and with at least 5 stripes showing
  • A pair of black trousers or a black Charleston skirt that is of a professional length
  • Black formal school shoes (not trainers of any kind)

They are also welcome to wear a Devizes School branded jumper, although this is not compulsory. 

Full information on Devizes School's uniform policy, including types of trousers and footwear required; rules around make-up, hair styles and jewellery and PE kit requirements can be found in the attachment below.

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Devizes students are expected to be ready to learn by bringing the following equipment to school each day:

  • Blue/black pens to write with; a green pen for feedback; a pencil; a ruler; an eraser; a highlighter; a calculator; relevant exercise books depending on their timetable and their planner

Teachers will perform a brief check of both uniform and equipment at the start of each day. When a student is not dressed in the full uniform or does not have the expected appearance, they will not be permitted to attend lessons. In such cases, and if parents can be contacted and informed, students will be sent home to change, or alternatively undertake supervised work in the refocus room until the infringement can be rectified. Refusal to comply will be treated as an act of defiance and usual behaviour protocols will apply.

PE Kit

Boys PE kit:

  • Devizes School branded PE Shirt (short sleeves) AND/OR Devizes School branded Rugby shirt (long sleeves)
  • Generic tracksuit trousers (Navy/black)
  • Generic sports shorts (Navy/black)
  • A generic hoodie or jumper for colder weather (Devizes School branded items are available)
  • Trainers (any)
  • Football or rugby boots (from term 1)
  • Backpack for PE kit
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield

Girls PE kit:

  • Devizes School branded PE Shirt (short sleeves)
  • Generic navy/black skort, navy shorts or navy running tights
  • Generic navy/black tracksuit trousers
  • A generic hoodie or jumper for colder weather (Devizes School branded items are available)
  • Trainers (any)
  • Backpack for PE kit
  • Football boots (for term 3 and 4)
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield

Ordering Uniform

All items are obtainable from:

Scholars, 2 Little Brittox, Devizes

Tel: 01380 722642.

Generic items are available from all major retailers.

Both branded and generic second-hand items are available from the school and from local charities.

Please get in contact with the school if you require any support in accessing correct uniform.

Second-hand uniform

Purchasing second-hand school uniforms is budget-friendly and eco-conscious. Here are some suggestions:

•    School Office / PTA: Check with the school office to find out how to purchase pre-loved uniform.
•    Charity Shops: Visit local charity shops that may carry school uniforms.
•    Online Marketplaces: Use sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and dedicated uniform exchange platforms.
•    Community Groups: Join local social media groups where parents sell or trade uniforms.

These suggestions can help save money and support sustainability.